Hello, my name is Femme

Dear Butch,

We haven’t been formally introduced yet.  My name is Femme, you may have noticed that I have been staring at you from across the room.  No, you don’t have anything in your teeth and your fly isn’t down…yet.  I have a weakness for your kind, the strong masculine woman who keeps her hair short and her finger nails even shorter.  You swagger with such cockiness and confidence that my knees become weak and walking in heels becomes a hazard.  Butch woman are my kryptonite.

However, not all of your breed is as well dressed and mannered as you.  And that is where I come in, as a card carrying butch-loving femme I can be your gay Cosmo magazine.  Open the pages and I will tell you all you need to know to make the femmes swoon.  Take my hand and a risk, you know you want to.




7 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Femme

  1. This *IS* an awesome blog. The most recent entry is sexy as fuck.

    Let me ask a simple question, though: is this really just a series of back-handed criticisms? Because I pretty much think it is. Not that that is necessarily a horrible thing, but if you’re going to hand people a turd, don’t wrap it up in a nice blanket first. Just hand them the turd.

    Good job though, I like it.

    • Dear Butch Who Loves Femmes,

      Some of my entries are back-handed, no argument from me on that fact. I like to “wrap the turd” because I find a nasty tasting pill is better taken when it is sugar-coated. My hope is that with my use of humor and flirtation that my opinions and advice will be taken to heart.

      Thanks for reading!


      • I prefer my turd straight up, but do as you see fit. You are welcome for my reading, and thank you for writing :).

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