White Sneakers

Dear Butch,

I want you to look in the mirror before you meet me at the bar.  Look really hard, at the whole package (and not just the one you have strapped on).  Now, step back so you can see your shoes in the mirror as well.  Are they white and of the tennis variety?  Are you going to the gym or the bar?  If your answer is not the gym you may want to reconsider your footwear.  I love tennis shoes as well, they are comfy and feel good.  However, white tennis shoes do not go with dark rinse denim and red button down or polo.  Your shoes shouldn’t match your outfit perfectly, however they shouldn’t distract either.  When I am checking you out from across the dimly lit bar, I shouldn’t be blinded by your kicks.  If you want to rock the sneakers, choose a darker color and something less plastic-shiny.  If I go to extra effort to make sure I am rocking the whole package, you should as well.  After all, it is only fair.




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