Softer Side

Dear Butch,

I know that part of your persona is to be tough, this may include becoming detached or distant, thinking that is what us femmes want from you.  Well, you are wrong my dear.  Sometimes we need you to talk and open you about what you are thinking and feeling.  We want to know what is troubling your heart and worrying your mind.  We care about the soft spot you keep hidden under your flannel shirt and sports bra and want to support you with all of our being.  But, unless you let us see that beautiful gentler side it is difficult for us to be your cheerleader.  Femmes are pretty good listeners, a good portion of us are caretakers at heart.

What is frustrating is when you fail to communicate with us what is bothering you but instead lash out with a cold shoulder or snarky comments.  We stand by you, but we won’t stand under you.  Please trust us that we won’t tell anyone (not even our beloved hair dresser) that you are not really as confident about all aspects in your life even though you present yourself as a mountain.  Your secrets will be kept safe, plus it may feel better to get it all out.




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