Bleach Intervention

Dear Butch,

I think you may have a chemical addiction.  Hence, why I have called your closest friends and family here today for this intervention.  We all love and support you, but your use of bleach on your hair has become to overt for us to ignore anymore.

Bleached hair looks good on about 4% of the population, espeically if it is a full-head bleaching.  There are few with the right skin tone who can pull off this look and the results are often yellowed and dry, much like the fingernails of a chain smoker.  When combining unhealthy looking and feeling hair with product, well, your head becomes like a mobile toxic waste dump.  The appeal to grab your faux-hawk while you are on your knees eating me out in the back of your Jeep lessen, I think I would rather put my fingers in Tom Jones chest hair.

If you want to lighten your locks, seek professional help.  Now hand over the bleach and no one will get hurt.




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