The Lovin’

Dear Butch,

I have a confession, you may want to sit down for this one.  I have the sex drive of a college frat boy and the special powers of multiple orgasms.  I love “the lovin'”.  Kinky, sweet, loud, quiet, hidden in a bedroom, or on the top of a ferris wheel…sex and I are the best of friends.

But, I am not here to boast.  I am here to put in a small request.  Just because I want to be bent over the couch and called a “dirty girl” at one moment doesn’t mean I want that each time we are hanging out in the living room and I give you the “I really want to get laid” look.  Or if I have requested a few times to have a quickie in the shower before work does not give you a pass to grope me each time we share soap in the early morning light.  I am a complicated sexual creature who wants variety and freedom to express my kinks and cravings without fear or rejection or judgement and in return I understand that the above statement same applies to you.

This includes the whole dynamic of top/bottom.  A complicated world that I am fully involved in as a bottom, but once a blue moon or so there is a spark in me that arises and I want to show you who is boss.  This may not be your cup of tea, but allowing me to express myself in this moment is important to my sexual well-being.  I would never ask you to do something that makes you totally uncomfortable or implying that I would continue without consent.  But, please allow your vision of me as a partner to be flexible and I promise the same for you in return.

Now, where are my cuffs?




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