Seeking Forgiveness

Dear Butch,

Forgiveness.  Big word, big meaning.  We all make mistakes, some are easier to admit to then others.  I have made plenty in my short time here, some that still make me feel like a a dirty litter box.  I get the lump in my throat and the full-body blushing of shame.

I just wish at times you would admit to your mistakes.  Admit that you hurt my feelings although your ego tries to tell you differently.  That you have lied and that your made mistakes even though it doesn’t feel good.  I have dated plenty of your breed, but have yet to find one that will apologize and ask for forgiveness when they have “done me wrong”.  Why must butches always be the one in the right, even when it is a situation where it is blatantly obvious they are wrong?  What drives the need and desire at times to push the light of guilty onto their partner instead of allowing it to shine on themselves?

Maybe I am a femme who allows herself to be walked on.  I willing hand the butch my “Get Out of Jail Free” card and take the shared shame upon herself in order to allow my partner a clear conscious.  Maybe, I am creating the the problem.

I am sorry for my sins and I hope you can forgive me.  Please know, I would forgive you.




2 thoughts on “Seeking Forgiveness

  1. That right there is a brave post. Admitting you messed up is brave, anyone who literally cannot ever admit to being wrong is being cowardly and dishonest with herself. I don’t trust people who think themselves infallible, because nobody is.

  2. Forgiveness is the post powerful energy on the planet and the one it benefits most is the giver…so you, my dear, are the one who is the more empowered because you can forgive and admit when you are less than perfect. 🙂

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