Magical Spooning

Dear Butch,

There is this magical moment that happens right before falling asleep.  A moment that I am currently missing.  After removing the high heels and mascra, doing the dinner dishes, and feeding the pets  I crawl into bed and want nothing more then to have a strong set of arms to totally engulf me.  I want you to be the big spoon and form a protective barrier around my body to keep all the crap that happened that day from following me into bed.  I want to wiggle my ass against you, a test to see if you have other thoughts for the night tucked under your boxers.  I want you to kiss the back of my neck and tell me how you like the smell of the soap I use to scrub my day off my body before bedtime.  Maybe there is sex, maybe there isn’t.  Maybe we talk about our days, maybe we fall right asleep with only the words of “Sweet dreams” spoken.  Maybe I play with your fingers in mine and rub my cold toes against your shins, maybe I lay in the stillness of the sheets.

Please know how important that moment is to me, how I look forward to it when shit hits the fan at work or when I am stuck in traffic and still have to get to the store before they close.  Please know how much I miss it when it is gone.




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