Well Groomed

Dear Butch,

There is something I want to ask, but don’t quite know how to.  Something that will benefit us both but can be an odd question over dinner or drinks.  I know you are going to have an opinion, possibly a strong one.  So, here it goes.  How would you prefer my pubic hair to be groomed?  And before you start into the typical rant of “Baby, I don’t care.  However you want.” I am going to call bullshit.  If I shaved clean without missing a follicle are you going to feel like you are going down on teenage girl?  If I keep myself all natural are you going to be wishing you had a machete to help find your way?  If I shave an arrow will you be wishing it were a star instead?

You are correct that my views on this issue come into play before I pick up my Venus razor, but I am not eating myself out (although, how awesome would that be!) so I do want to know what you prefer.  This can be a hard discussion to have, so drop me a hint and you will be pleasantly surprised next time I drop my pretty panties.




3 thoughts on “Well Groomed

  1. no matter how much i like someone, i hate the completely shaven look & i think i have issues with it from being an abused kid – but that’s only my personal opinion and your butch will have their own 🙂


  2. Personally, I prefer a landing strip, and nothing more. Shaved bare makes me feel like a baby raper, and I have no desire to go bushwacking in the midst of lovemaking.

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