Bad Girl

Dear Butch,

“Beg for my cock and I will fuck you good and hard, just how bad girls need to be fucked.”

Do I have your attention now?

I am a fan of dirty talk.  I really am.  There is nothing hotter then being under you and having you whisper in my ear what you are planning on doing to me.  Or when you are fucking me deep and telling me to cum hard for you.  Yeap, just got a little happy thinking about it.  Dirty talk adds a whole another dimension to the act of sex / fucking / making love.  I want the full five senses expereince: tasting your skin, smelling your sweat, feeling your fingers, seeing you on top of me, and hearing your kinky thoughts.  It sets the stage of the scene that is about to play out, a sexual prologue.  Will I be a bad girl in need of a good spanking or your beautiful lady who you want to tease and please?  Dirty talk for me allows my head to clear of the past traumas and future worries, it does more for me then nipple play.  I want to hear you tell me how you like how I feel and taste or how you get off my watching my body respond to your actions, it is such an ego boost…and who doesn’t need one of those when they are naked in bed?

So please, I am begging you, please talk dirty to me.




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