Closeted Romantic

Dear Butch,

Even though I am a femme, I am highly embarrassed of being a romantic.  I try so hard not to fit into the (horrible) stereotype of a pink-loving, dress-wearing, well-polished, shopping-addict, always-relying-on-a-butch femme woman.  I want to be seen as strong and independent.  Not as a power lesbian, but as a damsel who can rescue herself from distress.  I pretend that romantic gestures do not impress me, but that is so far from the truth.  I would rather come out of the queer closet a thousand times rather then coming out of the romantic closet once.

But, I do adore romance.  Not cheesy Disney created romance, but well thought out romantic gestures.  Receiving a card in the mail that features one of my favorite artists or an amazing photograph with a handwritten message inside.  A homemade all vegetarian meal you prepared yourself even though you love eating meat.  A small bouquet of flowers delivered at my work place on the day I am having my year end review.  Being invited over for a surprise bubble bath because I have been saying how badly I want one but lack a tub in my small apartment.  Or even something as small kissing my back as I fall asleep in your strong arms.  I am not looking for giant displays of affection or diamonds (yet), just small actions or tokens to show how you feel about me.




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