Belts Required

Dear Butch,

There is one fashion accesory that you should never leave the house without, a belt.  I really do enjoy getting a peek at your boxers (and if I am lucky a little bit of leather harness) as I am checking your ass out at the bar, but there is this imaginary line on your body that your pants should not pass.  Think of it as the Mason Dixon line of the butch.  This line resides at the widest part of your hips and/or right below the navel.  Never should your waistline of your Carhartts fall below that line!  Even though I am an ass girl, I don’t want to see your lovely derrière hanging out with your pants hanging down next to your knees.  Except when I am kneeling in front of you, but that is a whole other blog posting.

Now you may argue “But Femme, my pants stay up just fine without a belt” and I do agree that there are those of you who are lucky enough to pass through your day without a belt.  However, a belt really does polish on outfit.  Plus, they come in so many varieties that it is an easy way to show off a bit of your personality.  Big daddy dyke, tough leather belt.  Party androgynous queer, rainbow woven belt.  Gorgeous femme, pretty silver belt.  And then there is the whole world of belt buckles, yummy.

So I beg you, please keep your 501’s above your thighs until I am ready to assist you in the removal process.




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