The Twins

Dear Butch,

I am an ass girl.  It is true.  Tits are great, but a nice ass makes parts of me tingle.  I think the rack is great, but only if it is propped up and displayed well.  And no, I am not speaking in a bustier or push up bra.  Yes butches, I am speaking to you and your love of the sports bra.  Because of the general lack of failure on your part to lift and support your tits I have had to turn to the land of the ass to get my kicks.

I fully support your desire to wear a sports bra.  They are comfortable, come in a wide variety of styles, and create the ideal shape you are attempting to achieve.  However, there is a lifespan to all bras.  As well all know with any style of bra, when they are new they are amazing.  They properly support and fit perfectly.  But, after a few months and many washings, they loose their elasticity and super powers.  When this occurs and you continue to try and rock your bra, your tits look as if they are hanging low and actually make you appear less masculine and more…old lady like.

So, do me a huge favor.  Go out today and shop for a new bra and trash your old one.  If you need help, I would be happy to join you.  Plus, quickies in dressing rooms are so hot!




One thought on “The Twins

  1. Your funny, Femme. And I’m an ass woman too. And one thing I really like about Butches is that many of them have small boobies. I just do not know what to do with those things when they are big. It’s only happened a time or two and they scared me. And darn those Butches with their little boobies, as they get older, it seems their headlights continue to point in the correct direction, as mine are headed to the floor.

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