Your Bits

Dear Butch,

I know that you are not a fan of getting your private bits checked out, this is especially true since you are the T in the GLBT line up.  It is uncomfortable both physically and emotionally.  But, I beg of you (and I know you like it when I beg) to please go yearly to have the parts of you you would rather forget about looked at by a medical professional.  Just because they are out of sight or out of mind does not mean that you are exempt from disease.  If you want to me help you find a queer friendly doctor/nurse, I will do that.  If you want me to go to the appointment with you, I will do that.  If you want me to take you go cart racing afterwards, I will do that.  I would do anything to help insure your healthy; physically, emotionally, spiritually, and sexually.  I care for you so much and I want you to be part of my future in the mushy and romantic kind of way.

And as an extra incentive, I promise when you return home from your appointment I will be there in my candy striper outfit and make you feel all better.




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