Hello G

Dear Butch,

You are now among the ranks of Louis and Clark, Marco Polo, and Sir Walter Raleigh.  You have made a discovery of epic proportion, my G-Spot.

I have been sexually activity for almost fifteen years, and due to a combination of an abusive past and being with extremely selfish sexual partners there has been a serious lack of attention in that region.  I was pretty sure the little spongey spot had packed it’s bags and left for good.  But, I was wrong.  The right time, the right position, and BAM!  Hello happiness.  There was no game plan or no locker room chat, you dove right in and made me a believer.  And the best part is when I made mention of your new found eureka, you commented “I have tried before but wasn’t able to quite get it.”  I could of melted right there from not only orgasmic nirvana, but from your desire to please me.

If you keep this up, you may not be able to ever get me out of bed…or the shower…



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