Your Fantasies

Dear Butch,

A good friend and I made a bet long ago during a drunken weekend off from our summer job.  We were listening to the radio and the song “What’s Your Fantasy” came on.  We started bragging about the various sexual acts we had done that were listed in the song.  And so was born a bet…who could accomplish all of the actions first.  Now, we both agreed that some may be impossible like “I wanna get you in the Georgia Dome on the fifty yard line while the Dirty Birds kick for t’ree” or “We can do it on stage of the Ludacris concert”.  But we would give it a good college try.  Neither of us have completed the task, but we are still working hard to beat the other.

I have a lot of fantasies, some I have fulfilled and some I know while forever stay locked in my mind.  I am pretty open in sharing with you about what dirty thoughts I would like turned into actions.  Actions I know you have enjoyed based off your cocky post-sex smile.  And no worry, there are more to come.

But, I am terribly curious about what you think about when you are alone in bed after you get home from the bar and have been dirty texting me all night.  Or when you are in the shower with a massive morning hard on.  What gets you off?  What turns you on?  What could I do to make you squirm in my boxers?  I know you are a little on the shy side, so maybe you could just look over the Ludacris lyrics and pick out a few lines that you would like to try.

I am to please, so I beg you (because again, you like it when I do), tell me what your fantasies are.  I am here, open and ready, just how you like me.




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