Pretty Panties

Dear Butch,

I have a small addiction which I am sure you will greatly apperciate.  I am addicted to buying underwear.  At last count I had over one hundred pairs of bottoms (in various styles, colors, patterns, and materials) and over twenty tops (again…in various styles, colors, patterns, and materials).  My collection ranges from sexy matching sets and fun practical separates.

This addiction is a great benefit to you as you know.  When my clothes are removed (either by your skillful hands or in my teasing ways) you never know what it going to be underneath.  Almost like a birthday surprise each time!  And in fact, I work hard to keep my collection in rotation so that you get to enjoy many pieces.  I would never want to bore you with the same bubble gum pink balconette bra and rainbow striped hipsters.  I want to keep you guessing and eager to see what is underneath.

I aim to please all five of your senses, even if my method of visual and tactile pleasure usually ends up on the floor next to your boxers.  And if any point you would like to feed my addiction and take me shopping I would be happy to show you my appreciation with show in the dressing room.




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