Hairy Beast

Dear Butch,

I have been accused in the past by my nearest and dearest friends of dating “Gorillas”.  This term refers not to women who eat bugs off of themselves or walk on their knuckles, but women who let their body hair go unshaven.  They may trim or pluck in certain areas, but a razor does not touch any of their strong and handsome body parts except for possibly the top of their heads.

I like hairy woman.  Maybe it has to do with the association of women who choose not to remove every ounce of “unacceptable” body as being strong, outdoorsy, take charge, rebellious, feminists.  Or, maybe that is just the fantasy in my head.  Or, my strong attraction to the world of transmen and all of their hairy goodness.  Just the feeling of hairy legs aganist my shoulders as we sixty-nine on the couch turns my stomach into sweet little blue butterflies.  Or feeling your pubic hairs spring lose behind your harness and tickle as you are denying me an orgasm as thrust into me.  Pardon me, I need a moment.

Alright, I am back.  So, to all of my hairy butches out there know that there are femmes (like myself) who appreciate your rejection of the Venus / Bic / Mach3  and welcome your follicles.



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