House Butch

Dear Butch,

I often start my day at 5:45 am when my alarm removes me from the kinky dream I am in the middle of and ends around 11:45 pm when I am crawling back into bed exhausted.  Needless to say my days are packed.  And most evenings as I am leaving work and heading to a volunteer gig or to run errands I look up to the sky and make a wish on the first star I see for a House Butch.

Yes, House Butch.  A handsome butch other half who enjoys cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry.  I am not looking for hired help, because sex would be on the agenda for myself and this imaginary other half.  Really hot, dirty, rough sex.

My dream House Butch would also work, volunteer, and have her own fabulous set of friends that they hung out with.  But, she would also enjoy cooking a dinner or two during the week for me to come home to.  And would help dust the bookshelf and tend to my tiny window herb garden.  A butch who was good at getting lube stains out of the sheets would be a bonus as well.

And in return I would pay my House Butch back in scrumptious homemade desserts, pressed work shirts, and a hot oil shoulder massage.

Applications are now being taken.




One thought on “House Butch

  1. Cooking I’m fine with, washing is easy (unless it’s all handwash only) but hoovering does my back in, so I’d definitely need the back massage after that every day!

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