Life Changes

Dear Butch,

Change is in the air.  Job changes, house changes, relationship changes.

I am not always the best with change.  I get settled into a pattern and routine, comfortable in knowing that my life fits in a schedule that is laid out in my thick paper planner.  There is a sense of control that comes with it, maybe that is why I desire to be with someone who loves to create spontaneity for me (and takes control in the bedroom).

Like a child entering a cold lake for the first time, I need a moment to first get my toes wet before submerging my whole foot. I adjust to job and house changes a bit faster due to deadlines that I have no control over.  But when it comes to relationships I am a slow mover, and any sudden changes turns me from a turtle into a hair.

I ask that you be patient with me.  I ask that you allow me to adjust to the non-us changes that are occurring before we make a unified relationship change.  Gently push while allowing me to move at a pace that is comfortable for me and I promise the future results will be exactly for what you are asking for at this time.




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