Slightly Concerned

Dear Butch,

You recently merged your home and belongs with your girlfriends into a suburban duplex.   Your relationship is years in the making and I am so thrilled for both of you.  However, I do have one slight concern.  I worry that you will lose the one thing we folk who live solo unknowing love, our Secret Single Behavior.  The quirky little habits or rituals we create when we live on our own.

Eating cereal out of a coffee mug when all of the bowls are dirty.  Slipping on a pair of heels while vacuuming and singing to Patsy Cline.  Tweezing overzealous facial hair.  Reading in the nude.  Watching a cheesy romantic comedy after a bad day at work.

When you co-habitat, how do you keep up on these small daily routines?  Is there sneakiness involved?  Do you eventually just make them public knowledge to your other half? Do you long for the hours she is away so you can return to the matter of course you held dear for so long?

Inquiring minds want to know.




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