Big Words

Dear Butch,

Monogmy.  Commitment.  Relationship.

My feet are itching to run as I type those words.  I am not a U-Hauler, not one on the “marriage march”.  In fact, these words make my heart palpate and my hands sweat.  I am monogamous with my hair guy, committed to my friends, and in a relationship with my job.  To add a romantic partner in the mix seems overwhelming.  Or, maybe I fear being burned again.  Fear that I will only find (and have the courage to proclaim) the right words when the moment is over.

But, I am ready for these “big words” with you.  Not prepared for rings or a shared checking account, but ready or the first step.  I am ready for my ass to belong to you and tonight I am setting the scene.  You, me, and an ice rink.  I will tell you I am ready and you will ask the one question that has been sitting on the tip of your tongue.  Hopefully you still want what I fear and will be gentle with me as I take this giant leap of faith.




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