Bottoms Up

Dear Butch,

I have no shame in my enjoyment of anal sex.  Either while on my knees with small dildo and a strong vibator aganist my clit or with a small butt plug  while you are filling me with your fingers.

There is a large population of folks (off all orientations and gender identities) that turn their noses up at the thought of having their backdoor touched or penetrated.  I have heard the phrase “My butt is my butt and thats my theory” spoken in my own circle of friends.  However, I encourage all to give it a whirl before they refuse it completely.  Don’t deny yourself of anal pleasure based off of misconceptions or prudeness.  If we all lived with fear of the unknown of the culturally shunned our world would be ever so pthetic.

So give it a good college try.  Just twice, because once is never enough.  Play solo in the shower or ask a partner to pay a little bit of attention to the neglected area.  A little lube, a little time, and a whole lot of pleasure.  Happy anal!




2 thoughts on “Bottoms Up

  1. I like anal and generally enjoy it on my own or with previous partners but I struggle with my fiancée. It’s almost like she’s too nice and innocent and I don’t want her to have to experience the cleanup part of it.

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