Adding Spice

Dear Butch,

I am not sure what has come over me over the past few weeks.  The serious nature of my blog posts has me concerned.  Concerned that the dark days of winter has turned the volume of melconly up to full blast.

I need to add a little spice back into my blog.  So I have dedicated the month of March to sex.  Eight posts (in case you have not noticed the pattern, I post every Sunday and Wednesday) of raunchy, sleazy, and completely kinky content.  I am also returning to my roots of advice dishing, no overly deep questions thrown out into the universe to stumble upon.

You have been given a fair warning.  Hopefully I will see you back here on Sunday.  If not, so long until April.



Oh, and on a side note.  To all my new readers who discovered my blog from Twitter, welcome and make yourself comfortable.  To all my old readers who had no fucking clue I was on Twitter, you can find me at @LoveCommaFemme.  And to all, thank you for making my little twisted blog explode over the past month!


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