Tantalizing Tease

Dear Butch,

I have been accused several times in my sordid past of being a tease.  This is an accustion that I accept with great honor and pride.  I am in fact am one hell of a fucking tease.  I have a whole (figurative) toolbox of tantalizing goodies and tricks that I love using.  Toolbox, hmm, that sounds just a little naughty.

And one would of thought that along the way you would have picked up an item or two to store in your tool belt (much sexier then a toolbox) to whip out at a moments notice.  However, I am still waiting for that moment to happen.

I am going to say this in the nicest way possible, teasing (in the bedroom or the shower or the top of the ferris wheel) is not your strong suit.  You are so fucking amazing at many sexual skills, but rely on the same three foreplay moves that take about four minutes total before you head right for the promised land. I understand that you are excited to get fucking, but I like being teased. I want you to really tease me.  Scratch that, I am begging you to really fucking tease me.  No really, I am on my knees looking up with longingly with clasped hands.  Please.Fucking.Tease.Me.

Rake your fingers up my leg, starting at my ankle up to my inner thigh.  Tease my breasts with your lips.  Kiss down my spine starting at my neck down to my tailbone.  Notice a theme here, a physical action with an onward purpose to an erogenous part of the body is a really good thing.  And twist it up a bit, make me stand in the kitchen naked and cuffed  as you read erotica.  Or blindfold me and roll pair of sex dice, that way I don’t know what to expect.  Hell, bring on something as vanilla as a feather or a little whipped cream on a nipple.  I just want to be surprised, because when I can predict your next move I know I am already sexually bored.  And when I am sexually bored, I move on to a new butch.

Even if you can tell that I am ready to be fucked at drop of your Carhartts (one moment please, incredibly sexy image in my head…butch in flannel and Carhartts), I still want you to prolong the pleasure.  I want to be begging for you to touch my hard nipple or wet cunt. Begging for you to give me the touch I have been squirming around to receive.

Still on my knees and ready to be teased and fucked.  What are you going to do about it?




One thought on “Tantalizing Tease

  1. Oh wowwwwwww, I loved this! Sounds so much like me, I kept nodding my head saying “that’s hot” in agreement, lol! XD

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