Role Playing

Dear Butch,

It all started when I was completing my EMT training about ten years ago.  I had left class one night in my uniform and went straight to my then girlfriends apartment, nothing out of the ordinary.  I was fretting about an upcoming exam when she offered to help me study a few scenarios.  I thought it was an odd, but sweet gesture.  So, she picked a scene from my text book and I started my assessment.  The situation quickly turned from a study session into a very kinky role play scenario.  Little did I know (at the time) that she was completely turned on by me in uniform and planned out the entire evening in advance. Every since then I have been hooked on role playing.  However, have since replaced my EMT uniform with Betty Page inspired dresses.

Femmes often to a lot of effort to play the part that they have been assigned/created for our role in a play scenario.  There is hair, make up, lingerie, props, etc.  We spend time and money creating the perfect role play scene to fulfill our butches fantasies and please our own desires.  Many femmes strive for perfection, it is part of our nature.  I have created elaborate scenes for my butch to walk in on, surprising them with seuxal wonderment.  Even going as far to renting a 1970 Dodge Charger for a butch who wanted to be sucked off in a muscle car and purchasing an old fashion school desk from a thrift store for another butch who had desire to spank a school girl.  However, there are few butches in my life that have returned the favor even though giant hints have been dropped.  I know that I am not alone in this situation.  When it comes to role playing the standard seems to be that the femme fulfills her butch, but the rate of return is low.

So I challenge the butches of the world (or at least the ones reading my post) to surprise your lady this week or next with a detailed evening of role play.  Maybe she has mentioned a lust for women in police uniforms.  Or you notice she gets squirmy whenever you jokingly call her a “bad girl”.  Or perhaps she has confessed her pony play fantasy to you but you have yet to act on making it a reality.  Do your research, pay attention to the details, and make sure your femme has everything she needs to play her part.  Make it in to  full evening event, letting the sexual tension build while in the land of imagination.  Really go out in full force.

Good luck and happy playing!




2 thoughts on “Role Playing

  1. Hey,
    What a great post about communication. I love it, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    My name is Rischa I’m a lesbian, doing research with our community.

    I am passionate about research because professionals use studies like this one to make decisions about our health care.

    I was hoping that you would want to get involved, especially by spreading the word on FB, Blogs, (real friends) Etc.

    For this study, we are looking for women (trans-community included) 18 years of age or older, who self-identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer, or questioning (LBQ). The purpose of this study is to learn about gender presentation and substance use in LBQ women.

    This study had been approved by the St. John’s University IRB. Thank you for your time.

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