Being Spanked

Dear Butch,

Good morning class.  Today’s lesson is on the art of erotic spanking.  I am sure you will find it exhilarating.  I would suggest you take careful notes, for there may be a naughty femme in your life who desires a slap on her bottom.

And let me just speak to those reading  before you pound out an angry email to me about promoting violence against women and how wrong it is to encourage or want physical force during a sexual act.  I am speaking of the world of consensual adults in a safe sexual space.  The discussion of the extent of the act has occurred and a safe word is in place.  There is a giant difference between abuse and erotic spanking.

As mentioned in previous posts, I am a bit of a kinkster.  I enjoy many sexual acts that are illegal in several southern states and would have the Pope sending me to hell.  One of these acts of damnation is spanking.  I have given the “spanker” role a try a few times, but I don’t get the lustful kick that I do when being the “spankee”.  I have a slight love of being spanked.  What can I say, I am a bag girl guilty of going out of her rebellious way in order to end up to be bent over a chair and spanked.

You may feel a bit silly at first, but take a deep breath and remember that you are in a safe space.  It isn’t for everyone, but I have met many who turned their noses up at the act at first but now are hooked.  Spanking (for those who enjoy it) can be an incredibly erotic experience on two levels.  The first being the physical action and the second the power play aspect.

The physical action can be done with a hand, paddle, or wooden spoon.  I highly suggest giving a few props a whirl and see what feels best for the spanker and for the spankee.  The spanker may love the feeling of a ruler in their hand and the marks it leaves behind, but if the spankee doesn’t enjoy an item so narrow then the scenario is not going to work.  Go through your kitchen, game room, or sports equipment and try out a few items on your own ass.  Does it feel good in your hand?  Does it feel good on your bottom?  Do you like the sound it makes?  What kind of mark will it leave behind and is the spankee comfortable with having a physical reminder?  Is the item one that you are comfortable having multiple purposes, for example a pancake turner your mom gave you as a gift and a item that is used on your lovers ass?  Also, bottoms aren’t the only body part that lust for a spanking.  Breasts, inner thighs, and pussies also enjoy a thwack or two.

The second aspect is the power play.  This is where role playing (see previous post) can be incorporated. A school teacher and a misbehaving student.  A anal retentive boss and a sloppy secretary.  Or a controlling prison warden and a very disobedient prisoner.  Whatever turns you on.  As you all have probably guessed, I am submissive in the sheets.  Incorporating spanking into a role playing situation really turns up the heat for me.  I am giving up almost complete control to the butch I am with and trusting in them that they will stay within the realms of the rules while being in charge of the scenario.  Spanking can also occur without an elaborate set, the act alone can be the main course of a evening of sexual delights.

Homework assignment for next week is to provide an item for spanking and a scenario to incorporate in.  Class dismissed.




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