Three Please

Dear Butch,

You and I were once a hot item seveal summers ago.  We spent our nights drinking vodka and fucking in your air conditioning.  There was no commitment and knew that our sexual fueled fling would have a short shelf life.  It was really quite fabulous and just what I needed at that point in my life.  Surprisingly, I do have one small regret about our time spent together.  The failed threesome.

Yes, it was a failure.  Despite your arguments and justifications, what occurred that evening was a complete failure.  Yes, there were three of us in the bedroom.  Yes, there was very little clothing and a few empty wine bottles.  And yes, all the intention was there for you and your butch ex-girlfriend to tag team me.  However, that plan soon fell flat when you and your ex-butch discovered you would rather be fucking each other then me.

Speed up to the present.  I have heard through the lesbian call tree that you and your lady are now looking for a third.  Not a rumor I went seeking, but we both know the queer lady circle is like a noose…small and unescapable.  Now, I have yet to check off “Threesome” on my Sex Bucket List (but I am working on it) so you can take the following with a grain of tequila salt.  Before you even ponder inviting your mystery third over, let me give provide you with one piece of advice:

If you choose to bring in an ex-girlfriend again, make sure that your past relationship really is finished.  I am not talking fresh wound.  I am talking sealed and fading scar.

Don’t put your new lady through what I went through.  No femme likes to be told she will be sucking dyke cock and being fucked from behind and then end up having to figure out  how to lock your apartment door without a key while listening to moans of butch on butch sex.  It is uncomfortable and a waste of newly purchased lingerie.

Don’t crush femme dreams , especially those that are listed on her Sex Bucket List.




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