“Sleepover Clean”

Dear Butch,

I have never claimed to have a “Martha Stewart” worthy home.  I have a pile of clothes I keep meaning to box up and give away to charity on my closet floor.  I have occasionally ate cereal out of a coffee mug when I have ignored the pile of dishes in my sink.  And every few days I do a massive pick up of all the items I attempted to throw in my bathroom trash and missed the can by inches.

However, I do have my home only thirty minutes away from what I call “Sleepover Clean”.  Yes, “Sleepover Clean”.  It is as simple as it sounds.  There is a certain standard of clean that I hold myself up to before I allow a one-night stand or a long-term partner to spend the night.  And I am really wishing more of my darling butches would do the same.  Because a dirty or smelly home is a big turn off.  Trust me on this one.

It is really easy actually.  I make sure that the basics are done weekly…taking out the trash, changing my bed linens, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, etc.  Then, I make sure whatever random messes I have going on at the moment can be cleaned or hidden in a matter of thirty minutes.  I want my home to be presentable, comfortable, and inviting; but also look like it belongs to a successful adult (which I am) and not like a frat boy on autopilot (which I am not).

And because I am a overachiever of grand proportions, I also make sure there are spare (got to love samples!) toiletries items on hand and very accessible in my bathroom.  I also stock my fridge with Red Bull and pantry with Luna Bars, because every great walk of shame should start with a breakfast of champions.

So get cracking my lovely butches, because I cant wait to fuck you…as soon as you change your sheets.




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