Romance Reminder

Dear Butch,

You have had a shit-rific day at work attending budget meetings and useless trainings.  A douchebag in Honda Civic attempted to merge right into your vehicle.  The liquor store is out of your favorite brand of vodka.  You attempt to take a bath only to find out that your jack ass neighbor in the apartment downstairs drained the hot water heater.  The Chinese place you always order from now stops delivering after 9:00 pm.  At this point you start to question if you should just end it all and stick your head in the oven.  And then the most amazing thing happens.  You check your mailbox, expecting only bills and catalogs for clothes you can neither afford nor fit in, and you find a purple envelope.  Your name is handwritten in penmanship your actually recognize.  You open it and inside there is a gorgeous photo of you and your girl on the cover of a handmade card.  You read the inside, a message the sender crafted to evoke both laughter and love.  You hold the card close to your nose and can smell body spray with a hint of coffee.  That is the moment when all the stress and anger melts away.  When you remember why you bother to work overtime to afford surprise tickets to a concert or a great bottle of wine for a romantic night in.  Now, imagine providing this same experience for your femme.

Keep the romance alive, because when it dies so does the relationship.




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