Define: Self

Dear Butch,

You recently sent me a very nice email asking me to define my gender presentation and orientation.  You explained that you find my posts to be contradictory.  I would be happy to grant your request.

I am not a fan of labels, but I would rather label myself before another (or society) tries to pin a word on me that does not fit.  Please know that these words and descriptions are mine alone, because I refuse to use my self-definition terms on others.  I do strongly believe that each of these terms are incredibly flexible for others and myself.

I am a queer femme woman.

I choose the word “Queer” because I am attracted biological women, FtM individuals, and those who fall within those two borders.  I do not find those who were born male attractive (However, I am not a man-hater), even if those men have become women.  The breed I prefer is butch.

I throw in the word “Femme” as a descriptor.  I am, in general, a very feminine individual.  I dress in skirts and heels.  I keep my nails and face painted.  I like to show off my curves in and out of clothing.  I have a sway to my hips when I walk, like sex and sugar combined.

And lastly, “Woman”.  My body and brain are all lady.  My DNA reads: XX.  I have a fabulous vagina and a rocking set of tits.  I am lucky enough to have a regular period.

And just for fun, I am also the following items.  No definition required:

Wilderness survival expert.  Shooting sports enthusiast.  Gangster rap connoisseur.  Hardware store fanatic.  Outspoken political rioter.  Carhartt clothing owner.  Law breaking trespasser.  Classic car dreamer.  Furniture moving warrior.

Yes, it is true.  An individual can fit the stereotype and break the stereotype all within one human casing of skin.  I am a walking example of this.  I know this can be confusing, even for the seasoned queers.  But, I refuse to let my label pigeon-hole who I am as a person.  Because we all are so much more complex than the labels we are asked to wear.

I hope I have answered your question and thank you for reading.




2 thoughts on “Define: Self

  1. you need to work on your trans misogyny. also, having sex with trans men but not cis men is fetishising and gross.

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