Gap No-More

Dear Butch,

A very simple rule that you must follow: Make sure your button down jacket is laying against your body and not gapping.

Doesn’t matter your body shape or size.  You could be built like a twig or a redwood pine, a well fitting button down jacket, either fancy or fun looks great on your breed.  It emits an air of confidence and masculinty that many femmes (including present company) find so appealing.  But then the jacket is buttoned and gapping, the sexiness level drops a bit.

I am very aware that finding well fitting men’s clothing for a women’s body is a large challenge.  I have shopped with many a butch who has wanted to rip out her faux hawk trying to find great gentlemen garb.  But I promise you, it is not impossible especially when you have a great tailor or seamstress.

So get your sweet ass out there and start shopping.  And don’t forget to take your favorite femme along, because a quick blow job in the dressing room is so hot.




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