Fedora-Bandanna Combination

Dear Butch,

I am a big fan of hats.  And all sorts of hats at that.  Cowboy.  Baseball.  Bomber.  Top.  Pageboy.

They all bring a level of sexiness and style, when worn with the right outfit and are of good quality materials.  The extra touch to an outfit that says “Yes, I believe in accessroies beyond a strap-on” or “I am having a shitty hair day but, that won’t hold me back from going out”.  Plus, for the most part they are unfussy and a great icebreaker…”Nice hat, want to fuck?”

However, I am puzzled by one hat statement.  The fedora-bandanna combo.  I am not really sure what is going on with this one.  So, there is the bandanna that is wrapped around the head like a headband.  It serves the great purpose of holding ones hair back.  Then there is the fedora, that serves the same purpose but with a bit more edge and appeal (in my opinion).  And then to combine the two, totally lost on me.  And 99.9% of the time the fedora and bandanna are the same color.  As if to say “No one will notice that I am wearing a fedora and a bandanna since they are that same color.”  Well I am here to tell you, I do notice that you are wearing both.  You can’t trick this femme.

When I see the fedora-bandanna combo the following train of thought occurs:  Papi from The L Word, hot, Miami, hotter with two forms of head accessories, WTF.  There is already so much body heat in a club (where I have mainly seen the fedora-bandanna combo) that I wonder why you insist on wearing an extra layer.  And I know that the fedora and bandanna do not rely on each other to help stay put on the your head, I wear both items on a regular basis as separates.  I just don’t get it.  Maybe, my mid-west fashion sense has been stunted by snow and corn fields.

I am not asking you to give up your look.  I just ask that someday you explain to me the grand look of the fedora-bandanna combo and why it is so popular amongst your folks.




5 thoughts on “Fedora-Bandanna Combination

  1. This post is hilarious! I’ve totally been guilty of the combination, and all I can is that I tend to do it when I don’t have time to fix my hair but I still want to look good. I promise after reading this I am 100% reformed.

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