Dapper Love

Dear Butch,

It is the small touches to an outfit that make me turn my head twice at a passing butch.

Silver cufflinks.  Polka dot pocket squares.  Small quail feathers in fedoras.  Right-hand rings.  Polished shoes.

I love a dapper butch.  Actually, it is beyond the constraints of just love.  It is a down right melt-in-a- puddle-of-happy-goo-right-in-my-glittered-peep toe-six-inch-heels kind of love.  The butch that takes the time and effort to polish her outfit tells me that she has an eye for details in all aspects of her life and wants to present her best self to the world.  That she has big plans for her life and is fully prepared for the journey ahead.

Like the Martha Stewart of the butch population, you care about intricate and smart points of interest.  Martha does this on bedding and cakes, you on blazers and wing tips.  You know that myself and the rest of the gorgeous femmes of the world will take notice and spin out heads around.  Plus, we in lipstick know how well cared for we are in the arm of a dapper.  Like a princess and her prince, it is our fairy-tale come true…at least it is for me.

So, my darling dapper butch, please know that I am paying attention and melting at all of the small details.



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