Casual Sexy

Dear Butch,

I am watching you from across the living room right now.  I am attempting to focus on writing and you are conquering your mountain of work email from the weekend.  The wrinkles above your brow tell me you are focused, it is adorable.  I, on the other hand, am completely distracted.  I am  trying to write about my loathe for women’s cut button down shirts (I promise, it is coming on Wednesday) and I can’t stop checking you out.

Your tank top is barely covering your small perfect tits.  I know for a fact that you are lacking a bra and wearing men’s grey boxer briefs.  A pair of loose 501s cover your muscular thighs and your plaid button down is slung on the back of your chair.  I am completely melting in your comfortable causal style right now.  I want to join you on the couch and snuggle into your cotton and cologne.  But, I am holding back.

I was recently asked by a lovely southern butch reader (Hello J!) what my ideal butch would dress like.  Well, J, this is it.  I want my butch to have an air of unaware sexiness.  To feel comfortable enough to lounge around, but be ready to go out on a spur of the moment date in less than ten minutes.  Yes, I do love the dapper butch.  Cufflinks and pinstripes are so incredibly handsome.  But, a pair of jeans and a button down makes me not want to only admire you from afar but also buy you a beer.  Plus, knowing that I can undress you in a matter of seconds causes my knees to become jelly.

So my bossy new butch, keep it comfortable and you will be finding me in your arms.




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