Women’s Cut

Dear Butch,

I have been the shopping companion to many a butch in my life.  Either to assist with fashion advice or to have a playful romp in the dressing romp.  I am fully aware of the challenges you face in clothing department and the sacrifices you have to make in the name of not running around naked.  Although, I would enjoy that.  A lot.

As the Ginger to my fabulous Fred (old school dancing reference) I ask that you really consider deleting one item of clothing from your wardrobe.

The women’s button down shirt.

Whether it be causal plaid or dressy solid.  There is the odd built-in v-neck collar.  The feminine frills.  The bust darts.  The flared bottom hem.  The slippery material.  It all just reads “Gossipy co-worker lady who only eats Lean Cuisines for lunch and brags about her grand-puppy children”.  Apologies to my readers who may fit in this category.

I know that these shirts fit your lovely curves better than a men’s cut shirt.  That it is cheaper to buy a shirt that fits off the rack then having to have one tailored.  I know that you loathe shopping and just want to be in and out of the store before the overzealous store clerk spews some line about wanting to see you in a dress.  I get it all.  But in the name of good fashion (and wanting to please your Ginger), please find a great men’s cut button down and have it tailored to fit your body.  For the sake of a sexy full collar, masculine details, clean lines, good fit, and lovely material.

Make Fred proud.




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