Ex Bashing

Dear Butch,

It is natural at a point during any relationship (short or long-term) that the subject of one’s past relationships comes up.  And along with that brings up the topic of an ex-(girlfriend, boyfriend, fling, wife, partner, etc.)’s positive and negative qualities.  We all do it to some degree.  I personally try to keep to the facts, for example “She is goal orientated and loves adventure, both qualities I look for in a partner.  And overall she is a great woman, however our schedules didn’t mesh well and not being able to see each other on a regular basis caused strain between us.”  instead of  “She was a raging controlling bitch and had a drinking problem, plus she was a failure at giving good head.”.  I strive to never bad talk an ex and in most cases, there is nothing bad to say.

However, you seem to live by a different principle.  You are the “Bad Talk Your Ex to Death” Queen.  Before I even get a chance to think about a future past our current hot kinky fling, I am already turned off by the idea due to your constant ex-partner bashing.  Each time you talk smack (and this is unprompted smack talk), I think “What will she be saying about me after we have ended and she has moved on to another?!?”.

Also, it usually takes two to fuck up a relationship.  So the non-stop assault on your ex, a woman I have never meet, makes me wonder just how giant your ego is since you stand by the belief that you had no faults in the relationship or any part in the demise of it.  And you know what, I could be wrong.  Maybe you really didn’t do anything wrong.  Maybe she really did just walk out on your without warning.  Maybe she is just a giant douchebag.  But, I wasn’t there.  And I don’t want to relive the blow-by-blow.  I have enough of my own baggage to handle.  I am here to listen but, I am not here to counsel.

Just something to ponder before your next rant.




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