Silly Sex

Dear Butch,

Sex is a funny activity.  No, really, think about it.

Two (or more) individuals who are in various stages of undress rubbing against each other or various accessories in order to achieve an explosion of the body that may be harder to describe then a sneeze.

I treasure a butch that can laugh during sex.  I really do.  It takes a confident butch to be able to laugh at the silly occurrences during sex.  Too acknowledge that no matter how hard you try, sometimes things just go a little off an all you can do is laugh.

The strap-on slips off.  Words get twisted and mixed.  Female ejaculations become fountains.

How can one not laugh?  Reacting with a serious attitude can turn an innocent moment into a cringe worthy full body blush embarrassment that can cause years of psychological damage.  But taking a minute or five to laugh and admit that the whole sex dance is a bit silly can take the edge off and be a kind reminder that mistakes occur.  Plus, adorable butch laughter mixed with hot sex, well I could just melt right here thinking about it…and look…I just did.

Just remember, sex is sometimes better when it isn’t so serious.




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