Define: Fling

Dear Butch,

When does a fling become more than a fling?  When does it cross from NSA or FWB to a relationship, to full words dripping with promises and exceptions?

The line feels murky right now between us.  You and I both claim to want only a fling, sex with a side of laughter.  But then, we tiptoe in the world of girlfriends.  I have a toothbrush and toothpaste in your bathroom.  You dropped of a slice a lemon cake (from my favorite bakery) at my office when I returned after my accident in the parking lot.  We spend night after night together, cuddling…fucking…reading.  Have a crossed the magical Mason Dixon line of more than just a quick kinky fuck?

We both state over and over again that the last thing we need as individuals is a relationship, but our fling is feeling more like a relationship then my last actual relationship and that leaves me slightly confused.  And by the way you looked at me last night, kissing me in softly in the kitchen, I know I am not alone in the uncertainty.

I like what we have, I really do.  I like having home-cooked meals together.  I like that you support my writing and I encourage you in your MBA adventures.  I just wonder, as we sit intertwined together on the couch in a comfortable silence, if there is some great term in the linguist world that describes what the fuck we are to each other.



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