Swelling Heart

Dear Butch,

Some folks really get into Independence Day.  They dress in the correct holiday colors.  They fly flags and banners.  They serve themed food and play themed games.  There is a grand feeling that all is right in the world.  They claim that their hearts swell with joy and honor for a community that has done to protect their freedoms and privileges.  It is a beautiful sight to see, the tears at the fireworks start and then the sound of explosive applause when the “Star Spangled Banner” starts to play.  The scene of so many different people (often strangers) gathered together in unity and peace for one day of celebration and loyalty.

That is how I feel attending Pride.  Well that, and slightly hung over and covered in glitter.



2 thoughts on “Swelling Heart

  1. This is really great way to describe how “pride” of any kind, can be celebrated and we should take the time to remember that we ARE proud of who we are, of where we come from and of our country, our communities, and ourselves – whether it’s Patriotic pride of July 4th celebrations or that one day a year where we each attend our local LGBT pride rallies around the nation. Very nicely written, and right on point!. While I am here…I really enjoy your blog and writing. Your specific posts always draw my eye first when I open my email box and see the various blog notifications…what draws me? The “Dear Butch” line – always! To just “see” the word “Butch” prefaced by a sweet moniker such as “Dear” somehow softens my brow and brings an immediate smile to my lips. Thank you. ~MainelyButch

  2. Dear Mainely Butch,

    Your wonderful words mean so much to me. I am glad you enjoy my posts and hope I continue to entertain you. I always aim to please 🙂


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