Open Letter

Dear Butch,

I have never wanted to hold your breed back from doing what your heart (or dyke cock) desires.  Every butch I have been with fully knows that I am not one to block the path of joy you may see ahead of yourself.

I know that I am of lower grade when it comes to femmes.  I have curves in places where one should not have curves.  I have skin issues that scream “lack of sex appeal”.  I have parts of my life that can not intertwine with others and keeping them separated can feel like a sloppy web.  I have a load faults that are seen as deal breakers for many.  I am a walking pet peeve.  Tegan and Sara said it best “I feel like I wouldn’t like me if I met me.”

I never have and never would blame a butch from walking in another direction, either for a night or for a lifetime.  I have and would again understand that I have once again failed as a femme.  I am aware that I lack aspects of desire, and as much as I try I will never be fully appealing.

Please know that your happiness will always be put before mine.  That I never want to stand in the way of what will make you blissful, fulfilled, and content.  I never want to be fucked or dated out of sympathy or as a fix up project, I would rather be alone then be a later regret.

Please know, I understand.



2 thoughts on “Open Letter

  1. I try to tell my femme this all the time but she never listens, but I tell her if I’m with you its because I desire every aspect of you, your body and your mind and everything you see as a fault I only see beauty in. Confidence is the key thing I carry in my arsenal because I know I’m no great shakes to look at and my only hope is to pass to my femme the same confidence she gives me.

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