Miss Meddler

Dear Butch,

It is not our job as friends to determine the status or quality of another friends relationship.  Our job is to sit back, listen when needed, and smile.  Unless the circumstance is violent or abusive, than hell yes spring forward with the guns fully loaded.

But, I am not speaking of that extreme.

I am speaking of your constant involvement and judgement of others relationships.  Many want to tell you to back off.  Many want to tell you to stop patting yourself on the back for advancing (and at times forcing) the changes we all know are going to come.  We are not in charge of time or the pace in which life events that do not belong to us occur.  We must be patient as those involved move through the natural occurrences, whether it is a start of a new relationship or the end of a current one.

So please, back off.  You may think you are helping, but you are actually hurting those who you care about.




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