Shady Business

Dear Butch,

I know that you believe that you look bad-ass in your sunglasses.  Chrome framed aviators to be exact.  And I would agree that this style of shades as a standalone item in the accessory world are amazing, but they don’t work on your face.

You have a very lovely face.  A face I would invite to spend a little time between my thighs.  But, that is a completely different post.

You need to look in a mirror and get to know the curves of your face and educate yourself on what works and what doesn’t.  My advice to you is to stop attempting on looking cool by wearing sunglasses that don’t fit your face.  I know that aviators are the kick-ass king of the sunglasses world.  The say “Look at me!  I am a confident lady and I am packing a huge cock!”  Fashion sometimes comes with sacrifices, but never should those sacrifices involve lessening your natural good looks.

I have a rounder face; my rounder face needs sunglasses with angles.  Your face is much like mine (minus the well waxed brows and the glossy pink lips), you and I my dear butch, do not look good in aviators.  They make us look like a sad dog, like Droopy the dog.

So saddle up to the mirror, study your angles, and don’t be afraid to ask your favorite femme for a little glasses advice.  Protect your eyes and your status as eye candy.




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