Be More

Dear Butch,

Throughout our formative education years (kindergarten through undergrad) we as young folks were told that there were two things that would get us ahead in life.  Good grades and extracurricular activities.  These were the keys to our success in the world as we jumped through hoop to hoop on the quest to become mature and responsible citizens.

I believe that this theory also works well, with a bit of tweaking, in the dating world.  Let me explain.

Replace good grades with solid job.  No, I don’t mean a job that puts you in a higher tax bracket or allows you to swim in a pool of your own money (insert image of Scrooge McDuck here).  But, a job that is steady and provides enough income to cover your basic needs and an occasional splurge.

Replace extracurricular activities with, well, extracurricular activities.  I like a butch who has more on her plate then just work.  I want a partner that volunteers her time and/or talents, participates in a team sport, or plays in the local orchestra.  I would adore if my butch to be booked a few times a month with commitments that interest, engage, and delight her.  I would love to be able to lay in bed at night and ask how the debate at the book club went or hear about how the kids on the soccer team called you the best coach in the world.

Time together is great, but having time apart to expand and enjoy an individual interest is amazing.  So get out there and be more then just your job and a great piece of ass.




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