Time Out

Dear Butch,

I believe that there comes a point in one’s life where the worst thing you can do for your self is to be in a relationship.  Yes, the worst.

There are those out there who run from romantic commitments (like myself) and those who run towards them.  It is all one big scale of extremes, some of us just like to play on the ends instead of the middle.

I want you to take a step back and look at the past decade of your life.  Now, think about all the relationships you have been in.  Has the past ten years been overbooked with love interests?  Do you start looking for a new other half before the dust has settled on your most current?  Do you panic at the thought of having to spend a holiday or even a weekend evening alone?

When you don’t take the time to care for yourself between relationships, certain patterns and habits transfer from your most recent past dance card partner to your new lady.  This can cause confusion and stress in a new relationship.  There suddenly evolves a set of standards and rules in a short period of time with no explanation, based off the past with no relevance to the present.

Take yourself out of the pool for a bit and bask in the light of singledom.  Enjoy taking over your whole bed.  Take yourself to a movie.  Buy yourself flowers.  Take time to fully heal before you step back in the battlefield.




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