Mad Skills

Dear Butch,

When it comes to sex, your breed (usually) knows what they are doing.  Or maybe I only like to fuck butches with a many miles under their harnesses.  Regardless…

I want you to know how much I appreciate all you do for myself (and all the femmes of the world) between the sheets…or in the backseat, or on the ferris wheel that make our toes curl and our vocal cords sore.  The tricks you keep up your rolled up plaid sleeves never fail to impress the various parts of my body you love to touch, kiss, lick, bite, pinch, tease, and please.

Your skills have been well honed over years of trial and error, great loves and one night flings, and hours of research watching dyke quality porn.  You have put in the time and effort while all I have to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor.  You always know what I want and how I want it, usually before I know myself.

So tonight I raise my glass of pink champagne to you and all you do.




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