Stepping Back

Dear Butch,

I recently got in a bit of trouble for flirting with you.  Not with the woman I am currently fucking, but with your girlfriend.  Enough trouble that I have determined that this needs to a be addressed and stopped.

I may be a woman of loose morals at times.  And the term “loose” being used with great liberty.  I have slept with woman taking breaks from their relationships.  I have kissed married woman.  I have taken home women who are in open relationships.  But I have never once (intentionally) been the reason that a relationship has crashed and burned.  I am not a home-wrecker.  My theory is simple, I will fuck someone with a ring but I won’t date them.  And, if they say “I would love to go home with you, just don’t tell my girlfriend/partner/wife/woman I came to the bar with” I back off.  Like I said, pretty loose.

We recently meet and have spent a fair amount of time in a short period of time together.  Mutual friends, mutual gatherings, mutual coffee houses.  We keep bumping into each other, which seems to be far from an accident.  It has been pretty intense, but in a good way.  Well, in a good way until your girlfriend threw a drink in my face and called me a “Butch stealing whore”.

I thought you had told her where you were going and who you were with.  I thought you had been honest with her, like I had requested to prevent her from becoming angry or suspicious.  I thought you were just flirting for fun, like a lesbian Olympic sport.  But, I thought wrong…very wrong.  She had been suspicious by your lying and late nights, by the spring in your step and the secretive texting.  She followed us out to a bar where we were meeting up with others and stalked us for a bit from a corner.  And then, boom, drink in the face.

I enjoy our chats and our underling sexual tension.  It has helped put a bit of a wiggle in my hips during a pretty intense period in my life.  But, I am not going to stand between you and your justifiably pissed off girlfriend.  That is not how I roll.  As much as I really savour the time we spend together, this needs to stop.  When you work out that you need to work out, whether that be some kind of agreement or a separation, give me  call.  But until then, please keep far from me because drama is the last thing I need.  Plus I pay way to much on my mascara to have it washed away with mid-grade vodka.

Thank you and so long handsome.




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