Twinkle Toes

Dear Butch,

Today during our hike I teased that you had inspired a new blog post.  You thought I was kidding, and you thought wrong.

You are a wonderful woman with a great spirit and generous heart.  You charm all who meet you with your wit and enticing eyes.  However, one day you are going to find a fabulous lady to court and you will bring her into your bed.  All will be fireworks and sparkles until she feels your gnarly toenails against her legs and hops right out of your arms.

Yes.  Your toenails may be a deal breaker.  I am not asking you to rush out and get an expensive pedicure.  Like your fingernail care, I request basic keep up.  Keep them trimmed and smooth, rigid and pokey edges are not acceptable.  Neither is caked dirt.  Clean and simple is all I ask for general body maintenance from any butch I am with in varying degrees of relationships.  You may hide your toes with wool socks and heavy work boots during the day, but at night when you are alone with your femme your feet are most likely free.  And in their current state, they are free to snag our pantyhose and put puncture wounds in our calves.

You proclaimed to me very matter a fact that you don’t want to be with a lady who doesn’t accept you just as you are.  And I agree, to a point.  I want you to have the best chance at love, and I say that from the very bottom of my heart.  And although we as a population say that we do not judge others on one’s outward appearance, you and I know that is a load of crap.  I just don’t want you to miss out on your future wife because your toenails resemble talons.





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