Fair-weather Fabric

Dear Butch,

Fabrics, like vegetables, have seasons when they are best appropriate.  Sure, there are ways to enjoy vegetables out of season, but the are never as good as when they are in their prime.

Fabric is not edible.  I have bitten down on mouth gags, but have never swallowed.  But like vegetables, there is a season for linen and a season for flannel.  Yes, you can wear a light weight cotton cardigan in the winter, but you may receive a few funny looks.  Just as you would if you wore a heavy wool sweater in the summer.  An easy tip for my lovely fashion challenged butches, the warmer the weather the lighter the fabric (and color, but that is a whole different post) and the cooler the weather the heavier the fabric (see previous comment about color).  You are protecting yourself in two different ways, either from the harsh winter winds or overheating from the strong summer rays.

I know that this all seems fairly obvious.  That you are shaking your finger at me right now accusing me of undermining you breed.  But I have seen enough evidence proving that this is one area that could use a little improvement.  For example, a few weeks ago I was on a brunch date with a butch who was wearing a heavy corduroy long shelved button down.  I was so distracted by her choice in top that I missed laughing at a few jokes she told.  I wanted to help her, but I failed in doing so.  And then last winter a wonderful butch in my office kept wearing very summer lightweight work pants that clung in all the wrong places due to the dry winter air.  And again, I held back.  But no more Miss Nice Femme.

As I have preached before, fashion is not life.  However, you will be a more comfortable person (and in turn happier) if you are dressed for the season that you are currently in and not the one that passed months ago.

So think seasonal next time you open your closet and choose how you are going to face the world today.  Don’t put on a squash during cucumber season.



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