Ooops Treat

Dear Butch,

Umm, I jumped the gun a bit.  I was so excited to announce the theme for September, that I complete forgot I had one more post left for August.  Ooops.

As a special treat in attempt to make up for my twitchy fingers I thought I would share a bit about myself.  As you can tell, I uber private about the woman I am behind “LoveCommaFemme”.  But, it is all for a good reason.  So, here it goes…

1.  I hate when my nail polish chips.  I love having perfect finger nails and when it starts to chip I become a bit neuroti until I am able to remove it.  I am not as obsessive with my toes, but they aren’t ignored either.

2.  I have a bit of a small secret love of all things pop music.  On the outside I am all about independent bands who “haven’t sold out  to the man” but when I am alone in the shower or in my car, I turn up the teeny bop tunes and dance my ass off.

3.  I love miniatures.  I have since I was a wee little lesbian.  Small teapots, tiny davenports, and petite birds in silver cages.  I am absolutely fascinated with how large human hands can make such delicate elfin objects.

4.  I dream in  foreign languages.  I only speak two point five languages, but I dream in over twenty.  I have worked with many international staff throughout my schooling and career, so my thought is my subconscious has a flare for all things global.

5.  I am a list maker.  It is what I do best.  I make lists, then sub-lists to those lists, and then I check them off.  I think and write in list format, so writing a paragraph style blog has been a bit of a personal struggle, but an enjoyable one.

Hope you have enjoyed your reward.  See you next month (wait, how the fuck did September arrive so fast?!?) for a little theme funniness.




2 thoughts on “Ooops Treat

  1. 🙂 I had forgotten how much I like your blog. Too much time away from the web I fear. Thanks for bringing me back with a chuckle!

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