One Year

Dear Butch,

(Roughly) a year ago I decided that I needed to raise my femme voice in the blog world and throw it out into the already exploding world of queer blogging.  I had followed several butch blogs for a year or two, but felt like the femme voice was missing.  Maybe, just maybe, I thought to myself…I could be the counter-point.  The nail polish to the motor oil.  High heeled Mary Janes to the Doc Martins.  Pink glossed lips to the strap-on.  You get the point.

I had been sitting at bars, concerts, and coffee shops sharing with friends my verbal “Dear Butch … Love, Femme” short clips.  It got a few chuckles and then it was suggested I start a blog.  I have a writing and social media background, I am not sure why I didn’t think of this before.  And so, the blog was born.

The brash and over-opinionated lady who at times tip-toed on the line of judgmental opened a blank blog post and went to work.  I never set out to change the world or our small section of the queer lady population.  Hopefully I have taught you a few things.  Life lessons to assist your swagger or moments of clarity into our coifed breed.  And if not, maybe with any luck, I have at least made you laugh.

Thank you for reading my words.  Thank you for supporting my work.  Thank you for accepting my voice.

Here’s to another 104 posts.



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